Bowen at Work



The holistic approach to business


14 working days are lost due to muscular-skeletal problems per case, per year.

Another 23 working days are lost per case, per year for work related stress and anxiety (HSE stats).

Save your business both time and money by taking a proactive approach to staff welfare

Short bowen sessions in your place of work can help firstly to resolve aches and pains and secondly reduce stress levels.



Business Benefits


  • costs of sick pay / cover
  • lost working days
  • staff turnover


  • business performance
  • business productivity
  • customer care
  • business reputation
  • morale
  • staff and managerial relationships


  • staff loyalty
  • concentration and creativity

Staff Benefits


  • stress
  • sickness day
  • fatigue and lethargy
  • aches and pains (including RSI, headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain, see more here)


  • the ability to cope more effectively under pressure
  • mood
  • sleeping patterns
  • energy levels


  • concentration, efficiency and accuracy
  • motivation

The Details


Treatment sessions can be 15, 20 or 30 minutes and can be run back to back to reduce disturbance on the working day.

You will need an area of relatively quiet space such as an unused office or a meeting room. If this is not available, an area in your office that we can screen off will be fine.



Payment can be paid by each staff member, part-subsidised by your business or paid entirely by your business.


Contact me to see how bowen@work could help you