I often chat about these things in clinic, so thought it may be helpful to link to them here for you.




You are what you eat…and what you absorb.  Nutrition has the power to change your life. 

Head over to my other website Journey to Elite Health – Your journey to feeling your best for information on the microbiome, the incredible gut reset program and other ways to help your nutritional intake.

Another great resource is Sow and Arrow. Their website is full of information helping you to eat better. The book ‘Primal’  is absolutely brilliant.

If you have chance, the docufilm ‘The Game Changers’ is well worth a watch and the website is full of helpful information.



As many of you know, I am a big fan of Pilates, not only the physical benefits of increased core strength but also for mental health too.

Check out Robin over at The Balanced Life either on her website or Instagram. There are also a load of free challenges and workouts on her YouTube Channel here. She has a range of workouts from stretching to cardio and in manageable sessions, a lot of them just 10 minutes!

The paid membership site (well worth it) is only open to the public a few times a year, however you are welcome to sign up any time using this link here.


Barefoot Shoes

The barefoot movement is really gaining speed. The way our feet move impact the rest of out body. Having barefoot shoes has made a major impact on my posture and pain levels. My family are all converts to and the benefits for children are mind blowing.

You need to watch this video. Without feeling in our feet, we cannot move. Reclaim your feet and reinstate your health.

Then if you want more info and some exercises on how to help your feet more better, check out a therapist friend of mine here.

There are a lot of brands available, both in the UK made and not. Check out Happy Little Soles for a UK based distributor with a brilliant range. Google barefoot brands and you will see a load of brands, you are bound to find something in your style.



A few bits you might find helpful….


Feel Better in 5 

Absolute Must Read

If you are looking to improve your well being then I seriously recommend this book. Simple, small but powerful suggestions that really make an impact on your life.


Resistance Bands

Brilliant for exercises and stretches.



Just a little note: some of these links (not all) are an affiliate link so I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to sign up or purchase something.