Powerful and effective

Bowen Therapy

A hands on form of body work that treats the whole person, to aid in the reduction of pain, restore movement and improve health 

Why choose me?

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What to expect

Before treatment

After you arrive, we will discuss what has led you to seek out treatment and the problems and symptoms you are experiencing. I will then work through an overall body assessment before getting you on the couch (or chair if you cannot lay down).

Treatment can be carried out through light clothing so there is no need to get undressed.

During treatment

Treatment involves a series of gentle moves over muscles, ligaments, tendons and underlaying tissue. This creates a relaxation and healing response within the body.

At various points during your treatment there will be deliberate pauses where I may leave the treatment area to allow your body to respond. These pauses are a unique feature to bowen, forming an essential integral part of treatment which increase the effectiveness of the therapy.

There is no forceful manipulation, no clicking or crunching. Most clients find it a relaxing experience. 

How much will it cost?

£50 Initial consultation and treatment 

£45 Follow up session

£35 Maintenance (30 minutes)

£25 Child 

£10 Self Myo-Fascial Release Class (Online)

You are an individual
Your treatment is too

Treatment is targeted, specific and tailored to suit your body at the time.