Please allow up to an hour for your first appointment as this includes discussing your personal circumstances and history, followed by an assessment and treatment. 

Follow up sessions are 45 minutes and maintenance sessions are 30 minutes.

Child, baby and infants sessions are up to 30 minutes.

As everyone responds differently to treatment it is not possible to give a specific number. However, the average  number of treatments needed to see a significant improvement is around 3 or 4.

In some cases, problems have resolved after the first treatment. Where the issue is more complex or long standing, it may take longer to resolve or regular treatment may be needed to maintain the improvement.

£50 Initial consultation and treatment 

£45 Follow up session

£35 Maintenance (30 minutes)

£25 Child

No. If your initial course of treatment resolves your problem there is no need to continue with treatment. However, many clients do find benefit in maintenance sessions (raging from ever 4-12 weeks ) to help the body function at it’s best, manage fatigue, long term pain and stress levels or to help their overall wellbeing.  Semi regular treatments can also help prevent new problems from developing.

Yes, all major debit and credit cards are accepted. 

Payment can also be made by cash or direct bank transfer. I no longer accept cheques

Yes, you may be prescribed exercises or stretches to compliment your treatment and continue your progress at home. 

You can email me at or call me on 07590 689887. Please do leave a message if I am not able to answer and I will return your call as soon as possible. 

It is recommended that you book a minimum of two treatments so that your response to the first session can be assessed. 

There is free street parking available at both clinic locations – Exeter and Dawlish. Please be mindful of driveways and junctions when choosing where to park.

No. Treatment can be carried out through light clothing 

Of course. If you would feel more comfortable having someone with you during your treatment you are most welcome to bring someone along.

No, it is recommended that Bowen is not mixed with other therapies for at least 7 days before or after a treatment, as mixing treatments can overload the body and may affect the outcome.

Bowen is based on the work of Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982) from Australia. Tom used information and principles from osteopathic, chiropractic and acupuncture disciplines to develop a way of working that has evolved over time to what it is now.

Fascia is a layer of tissue that envelops, separates and influences every organ and tissue in the body. Fascia affects everything from our organs to our posture. If there is tension in one area it can cause a problem both locally and else where in the body. By addressing the fascia system as a whole, it is possible to address the source of the problem not just the symptom.

If you are not able to attend clinic for some reason, I do offer bowen ‘first aid’ sessions via secure video call to existing clients. 

This is not a substitute or replacement for a full hands on treatment but it will help to tide you over in the short term.

Yes if ppropriate, you may be prescribed exercises or stretches to compliment your treatment and continue your progress at home. 

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