Extra Information

Having information gives you the chance to make informed decisions.  

Here are some starting points for different topics and a shopping section for recommendations on therapy tools and extras.

Clinic Stock

Self Myo-Fascial Release Tools

I aim to help you to help yourself, giving you some control over your pain and movement. Self myo-fascial release is a great therapy for this. Using these tools you have the ability to help your body in a gentle way in the comfort of your own home.

  • Ball – £6
  • Peanut – £6 

Bowtech Ease – £12.95

This is a great aromatherapy oil in a handy roller ball dispenser that is fantastic for reliving pain (muscular and arthritic), reducing inflammation and fighting infection. 

Synergy Mistify – £38 per bottle (other items can be ordered in)

This is a high quality, nutrient dense and vitamin packed berry drink that helps to fill the gap between our daily needs and what our food provides. Great for digestive issues and boosting immunity. 


These are items I use or have used and would recommend 

Exercise bands – Amazon 

Foam Roll 10cm – Amazon

Foam Roll 15cm Medium Density – Amazon

Toe Spacers – Amazon

Pro Biotic – Amazon

Synergy Supplements and Purify Program

Magnesium Supplement – Amazon 

*some of these links are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you


Foot Health

Check out Anya’s Reviews or Barefoot Universe for all the info you could need on barefoot shoes, foot health, accessories to help stimulate your feet and more.

Happy Little Soles is a great UK stockist (no affiliation just a great business)

Ollipops is another great stockist for Froddo shoes – kids and adults


Give this video about pain a watch – it is an incredibly interesting topic and new research is changing the way we understand pain. 

This website has some interesting information and the Tame the Beast website has some helpful suggestions.


This video is a fantastic watch if you want to see what is happening and going on inside the body and how movement helps. Please NOTE: This is not for the squeamish as it shows the muscles of the shoulder on a cadaver body. or