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Choosing a bowen therapist is an incredibly individual thing. You need to be happy that the person you are going to see will listen to you and provide effective treatment. I strive to do that for all of my clients, working with you, in your individual circumstances, to help you progress towards your goals.

I put a high importance on continuing to improve my skills and understanding. This ensures I am offering the best service I can.

In addition to research and webinars, I have attended many development and specialised courses (see THERAPIES page). As a result, I have increased understanding in how to work with many common problems as well as specific issues. These include (but are not limited to) treating babies and children, mothers during pregnancy, those suffering with back pain, neck pain, jaw problems, shoulder pain as well as long term chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia.

To further help you benefit from your treatments, to reeducate parts of the body and for you to be able to help yourself at home, I am qualified to be able to prescribe exercises specific to your needs. 

I would be more than happy to have a free no obligation chat with you to help you decided if I am the right bowen therapist for you.


My Story

I had been struggling with back pain and migraines for several years. The different types of therapy I tried didn’t last for more than a few days so when I was given the suggestion to try Bowen, I skeptically gave it a go.

I’m so pleased I did as it made a massive difference to my life. My pain levels dramatically dropped and my migraines stopped. I still have regular treatments even now, to manage my health and keep my body pain free.

I decided on a career switch after personal circumstances changed, so I went from working in an office to a bowen therapist in July 2013. Honestly, it was the best thing I did.

I hope to meet you soon – Danielle


Certified in The Bowen Technique

Bowen is a powerful and transformational type of remedial body work that addresses the body as a whole unit. It is highly effective at relieving pain and restoring movement.

Applied Myoskeletal Therapy

Applied Myoskeletal Soft-Tissue Therapy (AMT) is a gentle, relaxing, and effective, soft-tissue therapy for the assessment, treatment, and management of injury, pain and dysfunction.

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) is an innovative and successful method of scar tissue treatment. Long-lasting results are gained, even if the scar is decades old. It is quick, painless, and truly amazing in its efficacy.

Exercise and Rehabilitation

Understanding where and when you need to carry out corrective and strengthening exercises to further progress your treatment.

Member of BTPA

This registration with the Bowen Technique Professional Association gives you the guarantee that I have valid qualifications, regularly attend development courses, adhere to their code of ethics and hold valid insurance.

Professional Development

I put a high importance on continuing to improve my skills and understanding.
In addition to my initial training I have attended the following courses.


From fatigue to freedom. Danielle provides a fantastic service which has helped alleviate my fatigue and shoulder pain. Admittedly, I was sceptical at first, but I highly recommend you give Danielle a chance to help you.
"Danielle offers a really professional service. She is a lovely person and explains everything clearly and calmy. A great local business."
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"Its incredible how such gentle movements can have an impact on the body. I can honestly say I can feel the benefits and its interesting noticing how my body responds to it. My hips and lower back and IBS have improved in such two sessions."
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