Self Myo-Fascial Release Classes

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SMFR classes are a great option if you start to feel any niggles creeping in. It is also a fantastic method of self care, to maintain your body and to address aches, discomforts, pain in addition to reducing stress.

Classes are appropriate for the majority of people and will take you through a series of methods to use the therapy tools at different locations on the body. Once you have practiced these during a session, you can then repeat them whenever you need to.

Having this kind of self treatment between appointments means you can continue to benefit from specialist care, even if you are not on the couch or in the treatment room. Some clients have found they are able to go longer between physical treatments too.

What you need to know...

Classes are held via zoom video conference, meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

You will need to have your video on so that I can see you during the class but rest assured, no one else will be able to see you. 

Classes are approximately 1 hour long and will take you through a series of placements and movements to address different areas of the body.

You are then welcome to repeat these in your own time and add them to your ‘tool box’ to use when needed. 

To attend a SMFR class you will need at least a therapy ball. These balls are soft and a bit ‘squishy’, they are not like a tennis ball or hard foam ball.

If you wish to move onto a progressive class you will also need a therapy foam peanut and a foam roll.

In addition to these therapy tools, you may like to have a cushion or pillow and a water bottle to hand. 

You will use the ball, peanut or roller in different places around the body by laying on or resting on it. It is not like traditional foam rolling.

This therapy involves very slow movements within your own limits whilst using the tools.

You will only be moving in a slow and gentle motion. It is not like an exercise class.

To participate in the class you can lay on the floor or if you find the floor a challenge, a bed. In some cases you can sit against a wall. 

If you think it will be challenge to lay down, please let me know.

There are not different levels no. However, it is advisable to start with using one tool at a time before combining the tools in a progressive class.

I stock both the therapy ball (£6) and the peanut roller (£6) which can be picked up in clinic or sent out in the post. 

The foam roller is not something I stock often. If I don’t have it available, I recommend this one from Amazon (for full disclosure this is an affiliate link which means I may earn a small commission at no extra charge to you if you choose to purchase it) 

Please contact me directly to let me know you would like to join. I will then give you all the details you need. 

Lovely things people have said

That was so beneficial for me, very relaxing and such helpful stretches.

The back of the neck move was great, very helpful and my neck feels fab.

I really felt like you tailored the class to us and your instructions were so clear. I really enjoyed it.